Podcast ImageITEC is pleased to host the Podcast Pavilion at the fall conference. Watch a live recording of educational podcasts from Iowa educators. Join the podcasters as they record their shows in front of a live audience.  Learn how different podcasts are created and distributed.

EdTech TakeoutThe EdTech Take Out is a podcast for teachers who are looking for innovative ways to use technology in the classroom.Monday, October 15, 8:00am
GSFE AdminsGSFE AdminsThis podcast is by and for Google Apps for Education Administrators. We hope to inform and entertain other admins through our personal experiences and the experiences of our guests.Monday, October 15, 11:15am
Friendly Disruption
Businessman Touching Domino Pieces Arranged in a Line --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
The Friendly Disruption Podcast is targeted to educators looking to improve their practice. Our conversations and guest will focus on digital tools, particularly assistive technology.Monday, October 15, 1:20pm
Partial Creditartial Credit is the podcast that brings together education, pop-culture, and shenanigans! Your hosts, Jeffery Heil, Donnie Piercey, and Jesse Lubinsky, span 3 generations and they've got you covered coast to coast. Sit back, relax, and earn your partial credit.Tuesday, October 16, 8:00am
Dads in EdDads in EdJoin these dads and educators as they discuss relevant - or not so relevant - topics that matter to guys.
Tuesday, October 16, 11:15am
Next Level LearningNext Level LearningA podcast focused on learning from great educators who are working to move students from lower-level thinking to upper-level thinking.Tuesday, October 16, 1:20pm