Techtastic Madness

To celebrate March, the ITEC Board of Directors decided to do their own version of March Madness with an educational technology spin. The theme of this “techtastic madness” is “Google Hidden Gems.” These gems include useful things you can do with Google’s tools that not many educators know about. See below to learn more about the schedule and how to vote for your favorite hidden gem.


Three Rounds

  • Round 1: 
    • Monday, Feb. 28th→ Promo Video Kickoff of round 1
      • Tues, March 1→ All videos posted
      • March 2nd-5th→ videos reposted Thursday 
      • Sun, March 6→ voting round 1 closes
  • Round 2: 
    • Monday, March 7→ Video recap round 1, intro round 2
      • Tues, March 8→ four winners from round 1 all posted
      • March 9th-12th→ videos reposted Thursday 
      • Sun, March 13→ voting round 2 closes
  • Round 3: Championship
    • Monday, March 14→ video recap round 2, intro round 3
      • Tues, March 15→ two finalists from round 2 posted
      • March 16th–19th→ videos reposted Thursday 
      • Sun, March 20→ voting round 3 closes
  • Winner Announced
    • Mon, March 21st→ Techtastic Madness Winner announced. 
      • March 22nd-29th→ Recap all videos…one each day
  • Community Sharing
    • March 30th-31st
      • Promote followers to share their Google Hidden Gems

How to Vote

The winner will be determined by the number of retweets, likes, and shares received on social media.


  • Twitter→ 1 point for a like or retweet
  • Facebook→ 1 point for a like or share