2021 Spring Conference Call for Sessions

General Presenter Information

  • All accepted presenters and sessions will create an approx. 30 minute video recording of their session. This video will be shared with the ITEC Board through the call for sessions form.  The videos for regular sessions will be hosted online and then attached to the session in Whova.  
  • All sessions will have a Q&A attached to them for the asynchronous component where attendees can post questions that could be answered by the presenter.  We will be setting a time period for people to be able to watch and be able to post questions before the Q&A is locked down.
  • All sessions will have a live Q&A session where:
    • Presenters can do a quick overview of their session
    • Attendees can join and post live questions
    • A moderator (ITEC Board member) will be on hand to help run the session so the presenter will not have to work about that, just sharing information and answering questions
    • If there are no live attendees for the Q&A, the presenter can answer any questions submitted beforehand or go into greater depth in relation to the content of their session (Moderator can help to carry out this conversation)
  • Regular Session Q&A Sessions will be scheduled in connection with the presenter with a time that meets their schedule needs, between the time of 9am – 9pm

First Time Presenter Information

  • The ITEC Board will provide guidance and mentoring opportunities for new/first-time presenters