Purple Ribbon Celebration 2024

We are excited to be celebrating another group of Purple Ribbon Winners at this year’s celebration. We have 6 deserving projects from across the state.

Special thanks to ITA Group for sponsoring and hosting the event in West Des Moines.

The ITEC Student Tech Fairs are a great way for students to get involved with developing and submitting different projects they have worked on throughout the school year. Our judges use the project rubric to evaluate all the projects. The Purple Ribbon Celebration is the culmination of the Student Tech Fair to showcase and celebrate projects awarded Purple Ribbons.

We appreciated the ITA Group to sponsor and host the event. We hosted 8 of the 9 projects. There were 5 expert panelists that listened to the projects and provided some feedback and asked questions. There were over 70 friends and family who attended, enjoyed wonderful food, and had the opportunity to celebrate these student projects.