Student Tech Fair Overview for 2022-23

The Fall ITEC Conference this past November 7-8, 2022 was the kickoff to this year’s Student Tech Fair. The Technology Fair offers K-12 students an opportunity to showcase technology-based projects from across the state of Iowa. Projects can be around a passion/interest area or created around solving a problem they have identified. 

Timeline & Deadlines

November 7-8: ITEC Conference Kick off and Registration opens

December 11th Registration closes

January 17th Initial Proposal Checkpoint

January 17-24 Proposal Feedback Window

March 12th Deadline for Project Submissions

March 13-26 Judging Window

March 27th – 28th Communication out to sponsors and students for Purple Ribbon Winners  and invitation to Spring Celebration

Mid April: In-Person Spring Awards Showcase Celebration for Purple Ribbon Winners

Overview Video for Students

Student Tech Fair Rubric

Access the Student Tech Fair Rubric as a reference for how student projects will be scored by judges. This rubric gives things to think about when creating the project along with sample questions that students might want to address within their presentation.

Be a Judge

We are always looking for judges. Judging is a great way to ‘preview’ the fair to see if it’s something you want your students to participate in. It’s also a great way for industry leaders to interact with students. No experience necessary! To be a volunteer judge for a tech fair, please sign up here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please send us an email at